Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sisodia's 'Sunday breakfast' with school heads

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | September 04, 2022 09:07 PM

NEW DELHI: Ahead of Teachers' Day, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who also holds the Education portfolio, discussed the betterment of schools, children and teachers on 'Sunday Breakfast' with some heads of Delhi government schools.

In the meeting, he also talked adopting new unique experiments in schools, sharing them with other schools, and establishing better relations between the school and the community. Along with this, he expressed his gratitude to the teachers who influenced the lives of lakhs of children through their work.

"As the Education Minister, I am proud that our school heads are constantly doing unique experiments to make schools more wonderful for the betterment of teachers and children. They are thinking afresh, embracing innovations," Sisodia said on the occasion.

"Today not only Delhi but the entire country is proud of the excellent work of our school heads, because the school head is the main link between the government and the schools, that ensure the implementation of all education related policies at the grassroots level and make sure that every child is positively influenced by him," he added.

"The changes which are being seen in the schools of Delhi Government today have been possible only because of our school heads. By promoting the innovative ideas of all our teacher colleagues, we have always encouraged teachers and children to do better," he said.

"The Delhi government says that by establishing a better teacher-student-community relationship, creating a wonderful learning environment in the school, school heads have changed the course of government schools. This is the reason why schools have achieved new heights in the last 7 years," he said.

Sisodia said that now our teachers will work to make India No.1 country in the world with their hard work and commitment towards education.

Expressing gratitude to his teachers ahead of Teachers' Day, the Deputy Chief Minister said that teachers have been the biggest contributor to nation building. "Our teachers influence millions of lives with their work. Our teachers prepare the foundation of the country, our children," he added.

"Today revolutionary changes have come in the education system of Delhi, it is the result of the collective efforts of Team Education of Delhi. We saw the vision of making quality education and our teachers worked to make that a reality," Sisodia further said.

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