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The current law and order situation in the Punjab is getting worse

Punjab Newsline | December 03, 2022 10:56 AM
The current law and order situation in the Punjab is getting worse
  • The current law and order situation in the Punjab is getting worse Said Gurmeet Singh Bablu (A Social/RTI Activist). Despite the continuous incidents of Murders/ Looting/ Extortions, the Government seems not to be in serious mode to keep check on the worsening law and order situationin the state.
    Since all are well aware about the day light killing of world famous
    Punjabi Singer Shubdeep Singh @ Sidhu Moosewala (the only child of
    his parents) and famous Kabbadi player Sandeep Singh Nangal Ambian
    assassinated on 14.03.2022. Despite the fact that Sidhumoosewala is
    among the highest tax payer Punjabi singer, still Govt failed to provide
    appropriate security cover to him. Families of the both icons of Punjab
    still wandering here and there for the justice. As it is well known fact that
    serious security lapse has been done on the part of Punjab Government
    which failed to book the culprit who put life of Sidhu Moosewala on stake
    by sharing the confidential document regarding withdrawal of security
    cover of Sidhu Moosewala and it is surprising fact that those who shared
    this confidential paper on social media was rewarded by appointing on
    high position in the present Government whereas it is required that he
    must besuitably punished under the ambit of law to install trust among
    the masses that Government is serious on providing justice to the
    aggrieved family.
    Furthermore, we all are witnessing that there is sense of insecurity
    among the common people due to the frequent incidents of
    firing/murders/looting etc in the state. It seems that Government is totally
    failed on maintaining law and order in the state which instil fear among
    the common people. It seems that CM is totally incapable of providing
    strong leadership to the state to check worsening law and order.
    I Gurmeet Singh Bablu r/o Amritsar is a social/RTI activist had exposed
    ECHS scam of crores of rupees in which FIR (copy is enclosed herwith)
    had been registered against the present cabinet Minister of Punjab, Dr
    Inderbir Singh Nijjerand well known Doctor rather I would say a
    businessman Dr Avtar Singh and his son Dr Shehbaz Singh, owner of
    Amandeep group of Hospitals, Amritsar. Dr Inderbir Nijjer manage to use
    its influence by virtue of his position held in the present Government.In
  • this connection Dr Avtar Singh and Dr Shehbaz Singh remained in Jail
    and later released on bail. It is to bring into your notice that being a
    whistleblower and working in national interest to save public money I
    exposed their anti-national/anti social deeds as they are looting public
    money under the pretext of providing treatment to our Ex-servicemen by
    charging hefty amount from the Ministry of defence, Govt of India on the
    strength of fake and over invoicing bills of treatment of Ex-servicemen.
    To stop me raising this urgent issue of National Importance Dr Shehbaz
    and Cabinet Minister Inderbir Singh Nijjer are continuously trying to
    threaten me for which I had lodged various complaints in the past. On
    24.11.2022 I got a threatening voice message on my whats app number
    from Dubai based number that I should not raise voice against Dr
    Shehbaz and Minister involved in such scam otherwise I and my family
    have to face dire consequences.
    This Government who has come to power on the promise to do
    away with VIP culture has now forget their promise and these so called
    92 Aam Aadmi MLAs are now enjoying security cover and VIP culture
    and they secured themselves but the security of 2.84 crore Punjabis are
    at stake. It is shocking that when there was complete collapse of law and
    order situation in the state, the Chief Minister of Punjab and his cabinet
    colleagues and MLAs were busy in election campaigning in Gujarat and
    Himachal Pardesh. So, this is appropriate quote for our incompetent CM
    that “Nero fiddles while Rome Burns”. Our CM after his oath ceremony
    claimed that now Punjabis will not migrate to foreign countries and even
    he claimed that people from foreign countries will come for employment
    in Punjab. But due to ongoing poor law and order in the state the mass
    exodus of Punjabi students/people has started and this is evident from
    rising institutions of IELTS/Immigration services across various districts
    in the state. State Government is wasting so much public money for its
    election campaigns in Gujarat and Himachal which could have been
    used for the safety and security of the people of the state. CM and his
    cabinet colleagues are continuously urging NRIs/MNCs/Foreign
    Companies to invest in Punjab but failed to provide conducive
    environment to build confidence of investors that state Government is
    capable to provide safe and secure environment for the investors. It is
    worth to mention here that Punjab Police is enough capable of fighting
    with any untoward situation which is evident from the fact that Punjab
    Police able to fight terrorism in the state so it can also fight with
    Gangsters but the thing is that Political leadership in the state is
  • presently seems incapable of providing strong leadership to give safe
    and secure environment to the people of the state. It is through the
    fourth pillar of democracy i.e media I would like to urge Chief Minister of
    Punjab that he must look after the state to fulfil the aspirations of people
    of Punjab and should provide safe and secure environment to them. He
    should not forget that any development is of no use if there is no law and
    order is maintained. AAP government should not waste money on
    building its image by spending lavishly on advertising on social/print
    media rather it should work at ground level to win over the confidence of
    common people and for their well being.
    I therefore urged the AAP President Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, who often
    claims himself and his party men as “Kattad Imandaar” and CM Punjab,
    Sh. Bhagwant Mannthat immediately they should expel the Cabinet
    Minister Dr Inderbir Singh Nijjer from his present portfolioand appoint
    independent committee to examine the allegations levelled against him
    and also to investigate the involvement of owners of Amandeep Group
    of Hospitalsespecially the linkages of Dr Shehbaz with criminal elements
    who are using to threaten people like me, who is working in national
    interest. I also urged central government and agencies to urgently look
    into the matter of looting of public money and start investigation to
    expose such people who are looting public money and using their
    influence to threat common people for raising their voice in National
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