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Uncertainties over introduction of new examination system in Calcutta University colleges

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | December 05, 2023 03:50 PM

KOLKATA: Uncertainties continue over the introduction of a new examination system related to the new national education policy, for the 169 colleges under the jurisdiction of the University of Calcutta.

Every time university authorities propose to convene a meeting to discuss the matter, the proposal is rejected by the West Bengal Education Department, university insiders said.

The West Bengal Education Department’s contention is that since the University of Calcutta does not have a permanent Vice-Chancellor such meetings cannot be convened by an interim Vice-Chancellor.

As of now, the daily affairs of the University of Calcutta are being managed by the current interim Vice-Chancellor Shanta Dutta, who was appointed by the West Bengal Governor, CV Ananda Bose.

There is a tussle between the Governor’s House and state Secretariat on the issue of the interim Vice- Chancellor.

University insiders fear that unless a quick decision relating to the matter of introduction of the new examination system is taken, there might be complications relating to the declaration of results, thus putting the future of students at stake.

Recently, similar complications surfaced in another iconic university in the city, Jadavpur University (JU), where the proposal to convene a working committee meeting of the university by the current interim Vice-Chancellor Buddhadeb Sau was rejected by the state education department on similar grounds.

Like Dutta, Sau was also appointed by the Governor as the interim Vice-Chancellor, much to the dislike of the state government.

JU had been running without a permanent Vice-Chancellor and Sau was appointed by the Governor soon after the ragging- related suicide of a fresher at the student’s hostel there.


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