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4 Types of Stellar Vases to Amp Up Your Interior Space

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | April 28, 2022 03:19 PM

We all know how beautiful flower vases are assets to any interior décor setting, and rightly so. But with so many vase varieties available on display, how do you pick the best option for your house? To cut down your research time and help you choose the best vase, we’ve listed below some of the most famous vase types for your reference. 

  1. Wall Mounted

Vases aren't restricted to many horizontal surfaces within your home, like the windowsill or the mantle. Wall-mounted vases are helpful and take up a small space, keep children and pets away from touching them, and are available in the same designs as floor and table vases.

A set of wall vases hanging on the opposite sides of a piece of artwork is a design that top interior designers often use. One of the most appealing aspects of wall-mounted vases is they're mounted on the wall. They are typically constructed of stunning dark iron and other metals, which dramatically improve their overall look. 

  1. Pitcher

Pitchers are a different household item that can also double as beautiful vases. In addition to having handy and appealing handles available in various intriguing shapes and dimensions, pitcher vases are taller and have very narrow mouths. You can fit almost anything into these vases, and the display will remain upright and strong. We particularly love the way the handles of pitcher vases direct the eye upwards toward the desired fillers. You can also place pitchers beside beautiful showpieces for maximum impact.

  1. Pail/Bucket

Another example of decor from the farmhouse is a pail/bucket. Some bucket vases feature handles, while others don't. But the handled ones give more of a complete appearance which you'll likely prefer. A majority of the pail vase are constructed out of steel, and they are beautiful with a bit of paint. 

Large pieces look great on the ground, while smaller ones are great as a vase for tables in nearly any setting. The bright flowers are a classic combination for bucket vases; however, you'll need a waterproof liner to keep water out of ones constructed of metal. The wide openings at the top can accommodate enormous flower and plant arrangements, so you'll definitely take pleasure in filling all the space.

  1. Cylinder

There is probably no more perfect overall vase style for flowers than the traditional vase made of cylinders. The vase is essentially a unidirectional column that doesn't have any twists. There's a subtle elegance in the slim, tall construction that is beautiful without overpowering your floral arrangement.

That means if you select the cylinder vase, your selected filler, whatever it may be, will be the focal point. We recommend having a glass cylinder vase or two since they allow you to create simple flower arrangements. Pick something you can trust without worrying regarding whether the container is suitable or not, because it will always be with this type of vase.

If you’re ready to transform your interior space, get any vase from the list shared above, and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for more vase options, you can also look at other styles comprising of a bowl, bouquet, urn, jar, bud, pedestal, amphora, trumpet, and gourd shapes. The range of options is seemingly endless when it comes to vases, so you’ll never run out of options. 



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