Friday, September 29, 2023

AIPSO national conference concluded with the Chandigarh Declaration

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | March 07, 2023 08:27 PM

MOGA:During the Second World War, atomic bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, killed millions of people within seconds, and even after the end of the war, the radiation of those atomic bombs is still affecting the future generations of Japan. In Second World War 50 million people were killed and there was massive destruction all over the world. Because to this war, it was feared that if the third world war ever started again then the whole world could be completely destroyed many times with more deadly nuclear and other weapons, with which the animals of the whole earth, including humans, would vanish from this earth. Vegetation can be also eliminated. Fearing such a horrifying scenario , people and governments of approximately 150 countries of the world had come together and taken an oath to create such a world that these countries would do everything possible so that the third world war should never start again and the trust and brotherhood in the whole world will become stronger so that people may live in peace. For this purpose, the World Peace Council was established in 1951.
India has significant contribution and representation in the World Peace Council and for this purpose, All India Peace and Unity Organization was established which occupies an important place in the World Peace Council. The countries associated with the World Peace Council continue to strive to raise mutual trust and brotherhood among all nations. For this purpose we need to educate the masses particularly youth of our country .
In this conference held for the first time in Punjab, representatives of six countries including Vietnam, Cuba and Greece and hundreds of delegates from different part of India gathered for a two-day conference in Chandigarh. On the last day of this conference Advocate Harchand Singh Bath was elected the National General Secretary of AIPSO who is the head of the organization , along with this Roshan Lal Modgil and Jaspal Dapar of Punjab have been elected as Vice Presidents, Lavneet Thakur as National Secretary. Apart from this, seven members have been appointed to the National Executive and three members to the General Council which is really a matter of pride for Punjab. It is worth mentioning here that Advocate Bath has been the leader of World Federation of Democratic Youth, an international organization of students and youth for a long time.
The same conference passed a resolution called Chandigarh Declaration stating that all the peace-loving forces and all the progressive, secular and democratic people of India should be mobilized to join hands so that war never happens and the social justice system should also get strengthened.

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