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An injured Eijaz Khan limps in the opening scene of 'City of Dreams 3'

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | May 15, 2023 03:59 PM

MUMBAI: Actor Eijaz Khan, who is gearing up for the third season of the streaming show 'City of Dreams', revealed that he injured himself during the shoot of the third season. The magnitude of the injury was such that he could barely walk, and the opening scene has him limping into the frame.

But, the actor, who plays Wasim Khan, stayed true to his character and braved every bullet, just to deliver his role to perfection.

Talking about his injury, Eijaz Khan said: "In season 3, unfortunately I broke two meta tassels in my right foot. You will see my limping in the introduction scene as well. I couldn't walk. The shoe size of my right foot would be one size bigger than my left foot because my leg was swollen. I had just undergone surgery and I couldn't walk properly or run at all. But sir (Nagesh Kukunoor), was very sympathetic towards it. We have a lot of challenges during shooting, but we figure out a way to overcome it."

He further mentioned: "We can't pause our shoot. Unfortunately last year, six months in the latter half, I was dealing with a lot of injuries. So now I have paced myself. I've realised I am not 35-40 anymore. I understand that everything has a life. Every joint has a life. So I don't want to touch it or load or overburden it. I want to pace it and I'm working on strength conditioning mobility now, more than just strapping on more muscle."

The third season of the series, which also stars Atul Kulkarni, Priya Bapat, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Sushant Singh, and Rannvijay Singha, will be available to stream on May 26 on Disney+ Hotstar.


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