Sunday, November 28, 2021

Badal asks PM to invite farmer organisations and parties to improve farmer's lot

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | November 19, 2021 04:22 PM

CHANDIGARH: Five time chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today described Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement on withdrawal of three Black laws on farming as "a defining moment in history," and said that it marks a historic day for farmers on the sacred day of Guru Nanak Dev ji's Prakash purb."

"This is the greatest event in the history of farmer struggles all over the world. I thank the great Guru Nanak Devj ji Maharaj and congratulate every farmer working hard on his fields," said Mr Badal in a statement here this morning.

Bemoaning that the farmers were not consulted before enacting these laws, the former Chief Minister said, "It was the first time in the history of democratic governments that brazen and cruel laws were made without even taking the stake holders on board. No govt should ever do such an insensitive and cruel thing again."

Reacting to the PM's announcement of this morning, Mr. Badal said that this decision will have implications far beyond the farmers and will have wide ranging and long lasting impact on the struggle for justice for the poor and the deprived across the world.

Badal, however, expressed sadness over the loss of precious lives during the struggle "My first thoughts go the families of over 700 farmers who kissed martyrdom on the path of this just and noble struggle. I wish that they were here with us to see this day today."

He said that the loss of these brave soldiers and tragic events like Lakhimpur would always remain a dark blot on the face of this government.

Mr Badal asked center and state governments to stand by the martyrs families with liberal help in theform of government jobs and financial assistance.

Advising the government to call leaders of farm organizations and political a parties with root in farmers to suggest the future steps for farmers welfare, Mr Badal said that justice for farmers is a cause to which his whole life had remained dedicated.

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