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Canada admits record 431,645 new immigrants in 2022 

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | January 04, 2023 01:44 PM

Toronto:Canada has set a new record in immigration by admitting 431,645 new permanent residents in 2022, the largest number of people ever welcomed in a year in the country's history.

In a statement on Tuesday, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said: "Today marks an important milestone for Canada, setting a new record for newcomers welcomed in a single year.

Newcomers play an essential role in filling labour shortages, bringing new perspectives and talents to our communities, and enriching our society as a whole."

The Minister hinted that even more newcomers could be admitted in 2023.

"I am excited to see what the future holds and look forward to another historic year in 2023 as we continue to welcome newcomers."

Canada had set a new record in 2021 by welcoming 401,000 new immigrants.

The last time it admitted more than 400,000 new immigrants was in 1913 to settle the lands in western parts of the country.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the department dealing with immigration, also processed a record 5.2 million applications for permanent residence, temporary residence and citizenship in 2022.

That's double the number of applications processed in 2021, according to the statement.

Currently, immigration accounts for almost 100 per cent of Canada's labour force growth.

Roughly 75 per cent of Canada's population growth came from immigration, mostly in the economic category.

By 2036, immigrants will represent up to 30 per cent of Canada's population, compared with 20.7 per cent in 2011.

During the 2021 census, nearly one in four people counted were or had been a landed immigrant or permanent resident in Canada, the largest proportion among G7 countries.


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