Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Every Citizen's Vote: A beacon of hope for a better tomorrow - CEO

April 24, 2024 05:46 PM

Punjab Newsline, Chandigarh, April 24 -
Haryana Chief Electoral Officer Anurag Agarwal said that the citizens of the country are the facilitator of change within our cherished democratic heritage. He said that each vote cast is not merely an indelible mark on a finger or a ballot paper, but rather, it represents a fresh beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow.
He said that the upcoming 18th Lok Sabha general elections in India will witness voting in Haryana state on May 25. Emphasizing the significance of voter awareness campaigns, he highlighted their pivotal role in encouraging voter turnout. These campaigns serve as catalysts, fostering a culture of proactive citizenship and democratic engagement among the people. To enhance voter participation in the 18th Lok Sabha General Election, all districts of the state are fervently involved in driving voter awareness initiatives. Notably, various departments, including educational institutions, are actively contributing to these campaigns, thereby playing a crucial role in ensuring voter awareness and engagement.
Anurag Agarwal said that this initiative reflects people dedication to fostering values such as equality, justice, and freedom, while emphasizing the significance of every citizen's right to vote. Through the Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiative, the administration endeavours to connect with every voter, emphasizing the crucial role of citizen responsibility and active participation in the democratic process.
He said that the administration is actively and efficiently fulfilling its responsibility on social media platforms to promote voter awareness and stimulate participation in the electoral process. The significance of every single vote is being elucidated to voters through diverse SVEEP campaigns. Those who may underestimate the impact of their individual vote fail to recognize its crucial role in ensuring the fair and accurate election of public representatives: indeed, each vote holds immense importance. With this perspective in mind, citizens of the state are encouraged to actively engage in the grand festival of democracy on the polling day, May 25.


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