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Finance Minister stresses on dilemmas faced by emerging markets between climate security and growth

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | May 12, 2023 03:53 PM

NEW DELHI: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday underlined the dilemmas faced by emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) between climate security and growth, as they manage overlapping crises and socio-economic transformation.

Addressing a G7 seminar on economic policies for welfare in Niigata, Japan, the Finance Minister shared that technology improves access for the poor to markets and basic services.

She further highlighted that access to digital connectivity has empowered people and there is a need to discuss ways to measure empowerment going beyond GDP indicators.

The minister also emphasised on the importance of sustainable growth and environment and the need for balancing the two in the short and long run.

She shared India's focus on technology, digital public infrastructure and green Hydrogen as a foundation for sustainable and inclusive growth and as an example of innovative policy toolkits by EMDEs.


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