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Gaurav Chopra opens up on working with a transgender actor in 'Rana Naidu'

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | March 23, 2023 03:00 PM

MUMBAI: Actor Gaurav Chopra, who is basking in the success of his recently released OTT series 'Rana Naidu', and has worked in the Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer 'Blood Diamond', shared his experience working with a transgender person in 'Rana Naidu'.

Often male or female actors are cast to essay the role of a transgender person. But 'Rana Naidu' went a step ahead and cast a transgender person.

Gaurav Chopra, who plays the character of Prince Reddy in the show, said: "The sequence did not display any nudity. Because a transgender person was involved, it was conceptually brave. I believe it was a landmark decision by Karan Anshuman, our creative director, to cast a transgender person in the part."

He continued: "If someone is my co-actor, I don't differentiate and treat them any differently based on their gender and their sexual preferences and it is very important to give respect and feel equal while doing such a scene. I will still play the scene with the same conviction if it was anyone. I treated Chandni with the same regard and seriousness as I did Rana and Ventakesh sir."

He further mentioned: "I believe in treating everyone equally because I'm constructing the scene with a co-actor. I am aware that I am acting in a scenario with another person, and that only when both actors perform well will the scene appear excellent."


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