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Giani Harpreet Singh calls a special gathering of Sikh organizations at Akal Takht on March 27

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | March 22, 2023 11:38 PM

AMRITSAR: Giani Harpreet Singh Jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib highest seat of sikh religion has called a special gathering of Sikh organizations here on March 27 to discuss the current situation.

Talking about this today, Jathedar said that there is an atmosphere of uneasiness in the minds of Sikhs due to the ongoing situation in Punjab. This gathering has been called for the illegal arrest of Sikh youth and for the future of the people.

The Jathedar said that Shoramani Sikh organizations, Dal Panth, Sikh intellectuals, Sikh lawyers, journalists, student organizations, religious, social and political leaders have been invited in this gathering.

He said that efforts are being made to destabilize Punjab once again. What kind of politics is it that even three decades ago, the government of that time and the central government played the game together in Punjab. We Sikhs and Punjab also had to bear the loss of which on a large scale. Somewhere the same game is being played again.
He said that in order to shine a light on their dirty politics, this kind of talk is being done to harm the Sikhs and Punjab on a large scale. The governments are creating an atmosphere of terror. The government apparatus is also creating a very tense atmosphere somewhere. Sikh youth are also being detained in Punjab. It is important to stabilize Punjab. If Punjab is to be stabilized, it will be necessary to sit and talk with the Sikhs. Sikh issues will have to be resolved. By creating such an environment of terror, neither Punjab nor India can remain peaceful.

Akal Takht Jathedar said that if you want this region to remain peaceful, you should refrain from playing this kind of dirty politics. The state government should work together with the central government to find a solution to this and the illegal arrest of the Sikh youth should be stopped. Their parents are very worried. The Punjab government should make its position clear.

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