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Haryana CS issues directive to secretariat branch officers on energy conservation

May 27, 2024 07:43 PM
Haryana CS issues directive to secretariat branch officers on energy conservation

The directive underscores the Government's commitment to energy efficiency and safety in public offices
Punjab Newsline, Chandigarh, May 27-
In a significant move to promote energy conservation, especially during the ongoing summer season, Haryana Chief Secretary TVSN Prasad, has directed all branch officers of the Haryana Civil Secretariat to ensure that electrical appliances are switched off when not in use.
CS emphasized the moral responsibility of all staff members to conserve energy in their offices. On the other hand, he also warned that any failure to comply with this directive would result in the branch in charge being held accountable.
Sh Prasad during a recent inspection, found several electrical appliances including tube lights, computers, UPS, wall fans, pedestal fans, ceiling fan and air conditioners running unnecessarily. He expressed concern saying that leaving the electrical appliances in running mode needlessly has led to substantial electricity wastage, increased electricity bills, and poses risks of equipment damage and potential fire incidents.
He directed to ensure that all the electric points should be switched off while not in use or leaving the office. This directive underscores the government's commitment to energy efficiency and safety in public offices, aiming to reduce unnecessary electricity consumption and associated risks.

Advisory to mitigate the ill-effects of prevailing heat wave conditions
To mitigate the ill-effects of prevailing heat wave conditions in the State, the Revenue and Disaster Management Department has issued an advisory. The people have been advised to drink sufficient water and as often as possible, even if not thirsty, wear lightweight, light-coloured, loose fitting and porous cotton clothes, use protective goggles, umbrella, pagri/dupatta/hat, shoes or chappals while going out in sun, carry water while travelling, use a hat or an umbrella and also use a damp cloth on head, neck, face and limbs, if work outside, use ORS, home-made drinks like lassi, lemon water, buttermilk, etc. which help to re-hydrate the body, recognize the signs of heat stroke, heat rash or heat cramps such as weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, sweating and seizures, keep animals in shade and give them plenty of water to drink, keep home cool, use curtains, shutters or sunshade during day, open windows at night, use fans, damp clothing and take bath in cold water frequently, provide cool drinking water near work place, caution workers to avoid direct sunlight, schedule strenuous jobs to cooler times of the day, increase the frequency and length of rest breaks for outdoor activities.
Besides, people have also been advised not to panic, not leave children or pets in parked vehicles, avoid going out in the sun, especially between 12.00 noon and 3.00 p.m. and wearing dark, heavy or tight clothing, strenuous activities when the outside temperature is high, working outside between 12 noon and 3 p.m., cooking during peak hours, avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks, which dehydrate the body, avoid high-protein food and do not eat stale food.



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