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Haryana Education Minister, Kanwar Pal Today Flagged Off A Cycle Rally In Yamunanagar On The Occasion Of World Heart Day To Create Awareness Regarding Heart Diseases Among The People

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | September 29, 2020 07:59 PM

CHANDIGARH: Haryana Education Minister, Kanwar Pal today flagged off a cycle rally in Yamunanagar on the occasion of World Heart Day to create awareness regarding heart diseases among the people.

The cycle rally started at Dimple Cinema Complex which culminated at Mukandlal District Civil Hospital in Yamunanagar. Besides Education Minister, Mr Kanwar Pal, Civil Surgeon, Deputy Civil Surgeon, Medical Superintendent of the district also participated in the cycle rally and encouraged the participants.

The Minister said that cycling is not only beneficial for health but also helps in preventing environmental pollution. Including regular cycling in our daily routine can improve our health, said the Minister.

Education Minister said that every part of our body functions during cycling which maintains healthy blood flow throughout the body and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. He said that we should practice some or the other exercise or yoga for leading a healthy life. Cycling is the simplest and effective exercise which reduces the risk of health issues, he added.

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