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KP Singh happy to be at Talbot Art Fair 50th time

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | June 20, 2022 11:21 AM

INDIANAPOLIS: "It is joy and pleasure to be 50th time at the Talbot Art Fair, one of the largest and the oldest art fairs in the United States of America. We had taken some vacation for the last two years due to Covid. There was no art fair in the last two successive years, " said Inter-Faith Ambassador of the Year 2016, Mr Kanwal Prakash Singh. His art work has been described as "Lines of Distinction."
"But this year the Talbot Street Art Fair has returned bigger, better and forever. There has been a stream of people, flood of people were here yesterday and today, enthusiastic, happy and joyful with regards to freedom and happiness with other people,making friends,meeting new friends and talking to the artists and some fabulous artwork from this fair which is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year."
After participating in the celebration of the International Yoga Day at Hindu Temple Central Indiana, Indianapolis, Mr. Amit Kumar, Consul General of India, Chicago, visited the Talbot Street Art Fair. He was accompanied by his family members and visited KP Singh's booth.
As many as 225 artists displayed a rich variety of art and crafts from different states of the United States of America.
Mr KP Singh, who did his graduation from Arts College, Chandigarh, disclosed "three longtime artists and the friends of the arts, culture, and the arts in public square -- Joan Kisner, Sue Christensen and KP Singh have been displaying their artwork from the earliest beginnings of the Talbot Street Art Fair."
Sue Christensen and Joan Kisner are Board of Directors of the Talbot Street Art Fair , INC.
Educated in India and at the University of Michigan in architecture and city planning, renowned American Sikh from Indianapolis, Mr Singh in an exclusive interview in 2015 had said " Talbot Street Art Fair has the environment of old Amritsar or old Delhi or old Istanbul where thousands of people pass through the narrow streets and buy from stalls, merchants and vendors.
The world renowned artist and community leader Mr Singh is recipient of numerous international and national awards, including the prestigious Daverman Merit Award in Architecture from the University of Michigan.
KP Singh's sons Robbie Singh and Jay Singh help their father at the Booth. Booth.Happy Father's Day!
6529: Consul General of India, Chicago. Amit Kumar attends Talbot Street Art Fair with KP Singh ---
6504: A visitor showing interest in KP Singh artwork. --
6492: Time cycle: --- art creation---

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