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Kunal Kohli on creating Lahore in Lucknow for 'Lahore Confidential'

IANS | January 20, 2021 09:52 AM

MUMBAI: Filmmaker Kunal Kohli has opened up about his upcoming romantic spy thriller Lahore Confidential. He said that the history of Indian and Pakistan is similar because they were one country once.

"Creating Lahore in Lucknow, creating Pakistan in Lucknow -- you know the history of both the countries are similar because they were one country at one time. The history of both the countries was the same till 1947," Kohli said.

"After 1947, the history of the two countries changed path. Till then they have the same path. Geographically, too, it is similar. There is a lot of similarity out there in the streets, and the buildings and architecture of both the countries. Hence it was not that difficult (to recreate Lahore in Lucknow), and our art director has done a wonderful job. We have managed to do so because we have a common history," said Kohli.

Lahore Confidential revolves around an Indian woman who, amidst her mundane routine and love for Urdu literature, finds herself on intelligence duty in Pakistan. The film is based in Pakistan and mixes a sense of patriotism and thrills with old school romance.

Created by crime writer S. Hussain Zaidi, it also marks the directorial digital comeback of Kohli. The film features Karishma Tanna, Arunoday Singh and Richa Chadha.

The Zee5 film will premiere on February 4.


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