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Long power cuts during early summer in Haryana

VINOD GUPTA | April 12, 2022 05:20 PM

CHANDIGARH: The paddy season is yet two months away, but long power cuts of different durations at the start of the summer season have made life difficult for people in Haryana.
The daily scheduled and unscheduled power cuts in cities vary from two to three hours, especially during night hours. In smaller towns, the position is even worse. Practically most of the outages are not brought into the public knowledge.

During the daytime, rural feeders do not supply power for 8 hours to avoid the danger of fire during wheat harvesting due to sparking.Even during night time the maximum cuts are on rural feeders There has been a protest by people
against power cuts in different parts of the state.

V K Gupta spokesperson for All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) said that the Adani has not been supplying power from Gujarat Mundra through a dedicated transmission line despite the power purchase agreement. Non-delivery of 1424 MW contracted power is a major factor causing the power crisis in Haryana

As per the NRLDC website, the power demand in the state is around 7200 MW with a total supply of 1500 lakh units(LU). The power demand this year is higher than last year's level of 6340 MW by about 800 MW. There is a power shortage of 75 lakh units as the power demand is 1575 lakh units with a restricted supply.

At present both units of the 1200 MW Khedar thermal plant are not running. Both the units at Yamuna Nagar thermal and three units at Panipat thermal are operating. At CLP Jhajjar only one unit is generating power. The thermal plants in the state are generating 1600 MW against a capacity of 3855 MW. The state is purchasing power of more than 2200 MW through power exchange on a day-ahead ahead basis and real-time basis during different time slots.

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