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Losses in theft prone PSPCL divisions come down

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | June 10, 2023 05:59 PM

CHANDIGARH: After the phenomenal increase in the power theft during corona times and run up to assembly elections in the notorious theft prone 12 divisions of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) which ranged from 45 % to 82 % has come down to 31 to 60 %.

The number of PSPCL divisions having distribution losses more than 50% has also come down from 10 to 2 . Both divisions with more than 50 % losses are in Taran Taran circle. Bhikiwind division has 60.13 % (81.83%) and Patti Division has 55.94% (73.55%) losses.

The PSERC in its tariff report has observed that 2 PSPCL Divisions still have losses more than 50% and 14 Divisions have losses from 30% to 50%. The inefficiencies of the licensee cannot be perpetually passed on to the consumers. PSPCL is directed to submit, the detailed action plan to bring down losses in these Divisions below 15%.

PSPCL has intimated that they are striving hard to achieve the trajectory of distribution losses approved by the Commission. The distribution losses are on a higher side due to widespread theft of electricity in some areas which are being checked in planned manners.

There are 16 divisions with losses more than 30% and a maximum number of 8 divisions are in the border zone followed by 6 divisions in the west zone and 2 in the south zone.

In border zone divisions are Bhikiwind 60.13% , Patti 55.94%, West Amritsar 47.12%, Ajnala 45.67%, (45.33%), Sub Urban Tarn Taran 39.06%, and Sub urban Amritsar 34.19%, SU Taran Taran 32.32%, and Sub urban Batala 31.1. In West zone divisions are Zira 43.46% , Bhagta Bhaika 41.21%, Bagha Purana 38.55%, Malout 38.47%, Jalalabad 36.63%, and Rampura Phul 33.83%.In South zone the divisions is Lehragaga 38.82%, Patran 36.58%.

PSPCL has attributed that the main reason of losses under these divisions is huge power theft. Most of these divisions fall under the border belt which is the epicentre of power theft.

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