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Navin Prabhakar on body shaming: 'It's a crime to laugh at someone's insecurity or difference'

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | November 21, 2023 01:58 AM

MUMBAI: Actor, comedian and mimicry artist Navin Prabhakar has opened up on the body shaming issue, saying such behaviour is dangerous to mankind, and one must respect people's individuality and appreciate them.

"Body shaming is a reality. Not only the female gender, even their counterparts deal with it. Some people often pass not only comments, but even start giving free advice and tips."

Talking about body shaming, Navin said: "Of course, it is very serious. As a child, we have always seen how people made fun of each other's caste, creed or colour. But in reality, it is no less than a crime to make fun of someone's body, shape or colour."

"As human beings, it is a crime to laugh at someone's insecurity or difference. Such behaviour is dangerous to mankind. Everyone has a personal life which is to be respected and not to be made fun of. You must respect everyone's individuality and appreciate them. Body shaming someone is not the right way to treat them as humans because none of us are perfect," he shared.

Navin, too, has gone through certain experiences.

"In our workplace I have seen people back bitching about others, but I never participated in those conversations. Talking about what I have personally seen, respected actor Tun Tun ji was fat-teased. Even Guddi Maruti ji, who is such a talented actor, was made fun of," said the actor.

He further shared: "But as an artist, when you work in the entertainment industry you must give a message to the people around you that such nasty comments do not have a place in your life. There are so many things made by God, which are so complex yet beautiful on their own, we are nobody to pass comments on them."

"It should be our duty to stop people doing the same. If you don't try to stop people from making nasty comments, then it is believed you are also one of them. The first thing you should do is to stop such acts and then ask for forgiveness," he said.

Navin urged everyone to do whatever they can to stop such nasty comments and respect how they are and how they look.

"It should not be done in your friend circle either. I don't appreciate such behaviour. It has long-term effects in one's life," he added.

Navin is best known for his 'Pehchan Kaun' act on 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge'.

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