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PM Modi submitted his resignation to the President Draupadi Murmu

June 05, 2024 03:48 PM

Punjab Newsline, New Delhi, June 5-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday submitted his resignation to President Draupadi Murmu and recommended dissolution of the cabinet. The last meeting of the Modi cabinet was held here today in which the government passed a motion of thanks for winning for the third time.

In this meeting, the dissolution of the 17th Lok Sabha was recommended. After which Modi reached Rashtrapati Bhavan and submitted his resignation to the President. The President accepted the resignation and requested the Prime Minister and the Union Council of Ministers to remain in office till the formation of a new government. Now Modi can take oath as Prime Minister for the third time on June 8. Signatures have also been taken from all the NDA MPs for unity.

In the Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 240 seats which is 32 seats less than the majority figure of 272. However, NDA crossed the majority figure with 292 seats. There will also be a meeting of the NDA constituents this evening in which Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu will be present. Modi had called them yesterday and asked them to attend the meeting. After the meeting, all the allies can submit a letter of support to the President in favor of Modi. After this, PM Modi will submit his resignation to the President. Then he will stake claim to form the new government.
Chandrababu's TDP has become the second largest party with 15 seats and Nitish's JDU has become the third largest party in NDA with 12 seats. Both these parties are necessary for BJP at this time because without them it is difficult for BJP to form the government.

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