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Power Dressing Tips

IANS | September 23, 2021 01:40 PM

NEW DELHI:  As ironic as it may sound, dressing up for work is a subtle combination of 'fitting in' while 'standing out'. Power dressing at the workplace creates an everlasting impression and helps cut through the clutter. Moreover, the outfit you wear also provides a way of freely expressing your personal style and being your expressive best at work.

A certain level of refinement is always expected at the workplace that neither makes you look pedestrian nor avant-garde.

So be it baseline casuals or boardroom attire, here is your guide to power dressing with just the right ingredients::

Attention to Detail Is Paramount: Right to the very last detail, the more attention you pay to your workwear outfit, the more it becomes your own. So go on, pick the one that goes best with your personality and suits your body just right from a variety of stylish shirts for women, and complement it with the right formal blazer for women, stylish trousers for women & fashion accessories.

Dress to Express: A key purpose of power dressing is to ensure that you get to be your expressive best. If that means breaking away from the status quo for workwear apparel, then why not? Because at the end of the day, your workwear must get you to be your bold and confident best above anything else.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment with Colours: Gone are the days where workwear had to be mundane, dull and boring. Workwear today is all about experimenting and trying on different colours.

Keep Playing Around With Styles: Regardless of you having an easy or a strict dress code, always aim at adding variety and personality to your outfit. Try mixing and matching different tops and bottoms that suit your body just right and overcome the old fashion staple.

Accessorise Your Look: The right accessories go a long way to amp up your everyday workwear look. Another important tip is to go for multipurpose accessories over functional ones since their versatility opens up a variety of styling options for your workwear look.

Develop a Routine That Inspires: One thing about power dressing at work is that it's inspiringly infectious. Meaning when you decide to go the extra mile by paying greater attention to detail to your office work clothes, it's very likely that your co-workers will do the same too eventually, if not immediately.

In conclusion, power dressing is nothing short of an art form, which when practised diligently can get you to be the boldest, confident & expressive version of yourself.

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