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Rapido Celebrates Success of Cab Captains in Chandigarh

March 21, 2024 07:12 PM
Rapido Celebrates Success of Cab Captains in Chandigarh

Punjab Newsline, Chandigarh, March 21-
Rapido, India's leading commute app, organized a Rewards & Recognition ceremony in Chandigarh, to appreciate the tremendous value that its Captains create by their sheer resilience and hard work. More than 200 captains attended the event, which highlighted their important role in making Rapido successful.
The ceremony commenced with an awards presentation and interactive activities. Captains shared stories of how they overcame challenges and how Rapido has helped them in increasing their income, emphasizing upon the pivotal role Rapido plays in ensuring the financial stability of its captains. Alongside prestigious awards, practical gifts like mixer juicer, induction, electric pump, duffle bag, water bottles were presented, symbolizing genuine appreciation for captains' instrumental role in shaping Rapido's narrative.
Expressing his views during the occasion, Pavan Guntupalli, Co-Founder of Rapido, said, "Our captains come first in Rapido’s priority, and we have always been committed to think and act for their well-being. Our association with captains have helped many to manage their financial challenges. Today, most of them are better placed with a steadfast income source. Our endeavors have always focused towards empowering the captains and fostering a secure growth journey."
Rapido has already rolled-out the industry first zero commission model, which empowers captains to keep more of their earnings. Captains only need to pay a small recharge fee to use Rapido, making it an attractive proposition. This way, both Rapido and the captains benefit, as the captains can make more money, while contributing to Rapido’s growth journey.
The event in Chandigarh was not just about celebrating successes; it also gave captains a chance to connect and find new opportunities for growth. It recognized them as the driving force behind Rapido's success. Rapido is changing the way people travel, and the Chandigarh event was a showcase of the company's commitment to recognize and appreciate the important role captains play. Rapido is creating more job opportunities in the city, showing its dedication to boosting the economy and providing chances for people in the area.

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