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Swati Sharma on shooting bridal sequence: 'My father told me it felt like a reality check'

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | May 03, 2024 02:44 PM

MUMBAI: Swati Sharma, who portrays Aashi in the show 'Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa', opened up about a heartfelt moment during the shoot of the bridal sequence, revealing how her father's reaction moved her to tears.

As the wedding sequence unfolds and Siddharth and Aashi tie the knot, Swati shares an emotional encounter she had with her father while filming her bridal entry.

The actress said: "This particular sequence holds a special place in my heart because, during the shoot, I was dressed as a bride, and my family was watching the episode together. I noticed tears in my father's eyes, and for a moment, there was silence. I wasn't sure how to react until I approached my father. He told me that it felt like a reality check, knowing that one day I would leave home as a bride."

"His words moved me to tears, and we shared a heartfelt moment. Although I had to remind myself and him that it was just a shoot, and I wasn't actually leaving, the memory of that moment will always stay with me. The audience will feel the intensity and excitement of the wedding, filled with much-needed drama," she added.

'Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa' airs on Shemaroo Umang.


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