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UP Police 'doubtful' of 'robbery-gang rape case'

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | May 23, 2023 11:02 AM

Rampur (Uttar Pradesh):The Rampur police finds 'doubtful' the report of alleged robbery and gang-rape lodged by a man in Uttar Pradesh's Rampur, police said.

The man has lodged a complaint alleging three men raped his wife and their 14-year-old daughter and also stole cash and a mobile phone from their home in Saifni.

The police have cast doubts over the allegations but have registered a case and detained a person.

Sanjay Kumar, a Sub-Inspector posted at Saifni police station, said a gang-rape case has been registered against three men and an investigation launched.

The victim, a man, on Sunday lodged a complaint that his mobile phone and Rs 5,000 were stolen from his home. He returned to the police station sometime later and alleged that alongside the cash and the phone being stolen, his wife and minor daughter were gang-raped late on Saturday.

Superintendent of Police (SP), Ashok Kumar Shukla, said the man first lodged a complaint of theft and then alleged that his wife and minor daughter were gang-raped.

"The incident seems to be a bit doubtful. We will verify the incident and collect evidence. The mother and daughter have been sent for medical examination," he added.

Citing the complainant, Shukla said the man informed the police that three thieves broke into their home, tied him up and took his mobile phone and Rs 5,000. Based on the complaint, the police registered a case and the matter was being investigated.

"Later, the same person said the three people allegedly gang-raped his wife and daughter. The incident seems to be doubtful as one of the accused allegedly had an argument with the complainant a few days back. The police have registered a case of loot and gang-rape," the SP added.

One of the accused has been identified as Kaif.

"Kaif has been detained and is being questioned. A few days ago, Kaif had an argument with the complainant," he said.

Meanwhile Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav said the incident sparked panic in the entire state.

He said in a tweet in Hindi, "The heinous incident of robbery and gang-rape of the wife and minor daughter of a local businessman at his house in Rampur in Uttar Pradesh has created panic in the entire state. Such crimes expose the hollowness of BJP's claims of law and order in Uttar Pradesh."

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