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Urge to lead Haryana in efforts to give world class recognition to women's Kabaddi

December 16, 2023 08:12 PM

The delegation of an organization called World Kabaddi along with HIPSA officials met CM Manohar Lal in Delhi and requested

Punjab Newsline, Chandigarh December 16 –

Efforts are being made to give Haryana's traditional game Kabaddi recognition at the global level. For this, today the delegation of the organization named 'World Kabaddi', along with the HIPSA President, formally met Chief Minister Manohar Lal at Haryana Bhawan in New Delhi and urged Haryana to take the lead in promoting Kabaddi, especially women's Kabaddi. Haryana is considered the father of Kabaddi game and this state is called the sports capital of India.

The delegation included World Kabaddi Association President Ashok Das (England), General Secretary ST Arasu (Malaysia) and Kawal Raj (England), Vice President Dr. Osama Said Hashem (Egypt), Executive Member Perpetual Mbutu (Kenya). . On this occasion, President of Holistic International Overseas Sports Association (HIPSA), Kanthi D. Suresh, Principal Local Commissioner of Haryana Bhawan, Dr. D. Suresh and former Principal OSD to the Chief Minister, Neeraj Daftuar were also present.

During the meeting with the delegation, Chief said that his government is already working in the direction of saving the girl child, educating her daughter and feeding her daughter. He praised the efforts of Haryana to give recognition to Kabaddi, the traditional game of Haryana, at the global level. CM said that in Haryana, Kabaddi and wrestling are played in every village since childhood. He told the representatives of HIPSA and World Kabaddi that you should spread Kabaddi in the country and abroad and for this the Haryana government is ready to provide full support. Expressing his feelings towards the game, CM said that Kabaddi has also been his favorite game and even now whenever Raahgiri program is held, he sometimes takes part in the Kabaddi game and inspires others to play Kabaddi. Are. The Chief Minister said that when Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi comes to know about this campaign to give global recognition to women's Kabaddi, he will be very happy because he is also promoting local sports.

This delegation told Chief Minister that their organization is actively working in more than 50 countries of the world. The aim of this organization in collaboration with HIPSA is to promote the game of Kabaddi (National Style) globally and to include this game in the Olympics. He told that till now Kabaddi is included in Asian Games only. The delegation told that their aim is to organize the World Cup of Women's Kabaddi (National Style) for the first time. For this, 20 countries have been identified in the first phase and 20 new countries will be added every year. In this way women's Kabaddi will spread all over the world. He said that sports has no language. The delegation said that it has also been considered to organize a training camp to provide a platform to world class players and give them an opportunity to understand the game being played in each other's country.


Indian players, especially women, will be able to go to other countries of the world and learn the ways of playing Kabaddi there and this will also lead to cultural exchange. The delegation informed that since 2019, they have been celebrating World Kabaddi Day every year on 24 March and in the year 2024, the theme of this day has been kept - 'Kabaddi Created by Men and Perfected by Women'. There will be efforts to popularize women's Kabaddi with this theme throughout the year. Thus, this will be the first world class effort to give recognition to Haryana's traditional game Kabaddi in the world. Mr. Das said that his organization wants that just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recognized Yoga all over the world and declared May 21 as International Yoga Day, similarly March 24 should be World Kabaddi Day.

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