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Agra: Man seeks Rs 1 crore compensation from hotel for serving wrong meal

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | April 21, 2023 10:38 AM

AGRA: A guest at a hotel here has sought Rs one crore as compensation from the hotel for serving him non-vegetarian meal while he is a vegetarian.

He said that the non-vegetarian food not only hurt his religious sentiments, but also put his life in danger.

According to the sources, the hotel, which belongs to a reputed international chain of luxury hotels, served a guest non-vegetarian food instead of vegetarian food as was ordered.

When the guest realised that he had eaten non-vegetarian food, he claimed that his health had deteriorated and he had to be admitted to a hospital.

The man, identified as Arpit Gupta, has now threatened legal action against the hotel. The demand for compensation of Rs 1 crore was made through a notice sent by him to the hotel management.

Gupta's lawyer Narottam Singh said that his client had gone to the hotel situated on Fatehabad Road in Agra on April 14 with his friend Sunny Garg. Gupta placed an order for a vegetarian roll. When the food item was served and he started eating it, Gupta realised that the taste was different. When he asked the hotel staff, he came to know that he had been served a chicken roll.

Gupta, who is a vegetarian, began vomiting after realising that he had consumed chicken and had to be admitted to a hospital as his health deteriorated, the lawyer claimed.

Singh further claimed that the hotel did not even provide a bill for the meal in order to conceal its error. His client, on the other hand, had recorded the entire episode on his phone. He stated that a simple apology from the hotel was insufficient and that his client desired strict action against the hotel for hurting his religious sentiments.

The hotel administration, on the other hand, believes "it was a mistake" and has already apologised to Gupta.

Legal expert Ashok Gupta said that in such circumstances, a case can be registered under the sections of hurting religious sensibilities, Food Safety Act, and serving contaminated food.

It has a provision for prison terms ranging from three to ten years.


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