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Consuming salty things also increases sugar!

May 19, 2024 05:29 PM
Consuming salty things also increases sugar!

1.5 crore people of North India suffer from diabetes

Increasing obesity is giving the gift of disease
Punjab Newsline, Chandigarh, 19 May-
In North India approximately1.5Cr people are diabetic. Sugar disease is proving fatal among the people of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. Diabetes patients can fall prey to many types of diseases related to eyes, kidneys, heart, nerves and bones. According to health experts, people's obesity is causing them diabetes. People are making their body diabetic by eating all day long without exercising. According to the study conducted by PGI Chandigarh in City Beautiful, obesity is the reason for the rapid increase in diabetes patients in the city. People are increasing the amount of carbohydrates in the body by eating processed (pre-cooked, preserved food) and they are getting diabetes.

Sugar disease is not caused by sugar, but by eating too much of it
Dr. Ashu Rastogi, an expert in the endocrinology department of PGI, says that people have the misconception that they have diabetes due to sugar consumption and they consume everything else indiscriminately except sugar. For example, people openly consume things like butter chicken, rotis, French fries etc. and such food increases their sugar level because these things contain hidden carbohydrates. Eating sugar does not cause diabetes, but excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates causes diabetes in the body.

Obesity is increasing among city people
Dr. Ashu Rastogi says that the study of PGI has revealed that obesity is increasing among the people of Chandigarh. While in a study ten years ago, 35 percent of the people of the city were found to be obese, the report of the latest study says that 41 percent of the women of the city have become obese. Women shy away from exercise. 13 percent of the population of Chandigarh is diabetic while 17 percent people are on the verge of becoming diabetic i.e. pre-diabetic. That means overall, 4.45 lakh people of Chandigarh are diabetic and pre-diabetic. He says that women say that they keep doing household chores all day long, hence their exercise gets done automatically, whereas the sugar level of the body is not controlled by household chores, for that they should do forty minutes of exercise a day, walk etc. , cycling or dancing, it is important to do any one of these things which should make you sweat profusely after 10 minutes of exercise or walk in the day.

85 percent people do not do any exercise
Dr. Ashu Rastogi says that there are parks in every sector of Chandigarh. People of the sector should go to the park and take a walk every day, but studies say that only 10 to 12 percent of the people of the city do exercise. 85 percent of city residents do not do any exercise. By doing this, people are becoming addicted to sugar and sugar harms many parts of the body. Uncontrolled levels of sugar slowly eat away at the eyes, kidneys, nerves and bones.

How to control diabetes
1.Exercise/walk for 45 minutes a day.
2. Avoid consumption of fruit juices, eat fruits.
3. Avoid alcohol consumption, one gram of alcohol contains nine calories, 60 grams of alcohol contains sugar equivalent to five to eight rasgullas.
4. One should not consume more than 20 grams of sugar in a day.
5. To increase the amount of calcium and vitamin D, one should consume milk, curd and cheese.
6. Sugar patients should consume only food providing 1200 calories a day.

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