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Health Update: Are you carrying mobile phones in the toilet, the habit will change after reading this news

June 25, 2024 05:39 PM

Punjabnewsline, Chandigarh:

Be it mobiles or tablets, these days these gadgets along with computers and smartphones are becoming an integral part of our lives. Mobile is in our hand or jeb mein 24 hours a day. There is a feeling of uneasiness when not with it and to remove this uneasiness we use mobiles and tablets for hours. The situation is such that it is compulsory to carry these gadgets to the office, but many people do not forget to take them with them to the toilets as well. This is why many people spend hours sitting on the toilet seat, but do you know that these gadgets are silently destroying our health. If you are not sure, then read this news till the end, then you will also understand that the phone that came with us in the toilet is spreading diseases to us.


The journey of bacteria from the toilet to the bed

In fact, mobile phones, tablets, computers, earphones and smart watches coexist with us. Use to hai hi, but have also become a part of our style. Mobile has become such a thing that stays with us everywhere, even if it is the toilet. As soon as people get up from the bed, they go straight to the washroom and do not forget to carry their mobile in hand. Perhaps very few people know that many types of dangerous bacteria reach our bed and dining table through this mobile while returning from the toilet, which causes many diseases. Actually, due to the mechanism of the phone, heat is always generated and this heat is very much liked by bacteria. 


If doctors believe, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa thrive on mobile screens. We repeatedly touch the screen of the phone and the same hands touch the mouth, nose and other parts of the body and bacteria easily move from one place to another. Due to this, diseases like diarrhea, food poisoning, breathing problems and skin infections also occur. Many people wear smart watches, but their bands and screens also harbor bacteria that can cause skin infections, toxic shock syndrome, blood, pneumonia in the lungs or other parts of the body, and diarrhea.


Do not use phone while eating

Using earphones or earpads for several hours, not just mobiles, increases the temperature and humidity of the ear, which can also lead to ear infections. In most cases, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria is found on the surface of the smartphone. It can cause skin infection. Not only this, when you come in contact with this bacteria, it can also cause food poisoning. So if you use a gadget while eating, turn it off immediately. This bacteria can easily reach your hands, face and mouth from the gadget.

Keep cleaning the phone regularly

A research has found that 11,163 micro-organisms have been found on 26 mobile phones, which cause dangerous diseases. So clean the screen and back cover of your gadget regularly with a microfiber cloth or alcohol wipes. Never use the phone in the bathroom or other dirty environment. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use the phone only after using sanitizer. Do the same after using the phone. Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth after using your mobile and try not to share your phone with anyone.

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