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Doctors protest in Gurugram against Rajasthan's health Bill

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | April 04, 2023 05:06 PM

GURUGRAM:A group of doctors from Indian Medical Association (IMA) Gurugram, carried out a protest in the city on Tuesday against the Right to Health Bill which was passed by the Rajasthan assembly last week.

IMA Gurugram has also extended support to the doctors of Rajasthan in protest against the Bill. To observe the protest, all types of private medical services remained closed in the entire Haryana on Tuesday.

More than 500 doctors staged a protest against the Rajasthan government's decision.

On Tuesday, doctors in Gurugram observed a 24-hour strike across Haryana. Hundreds of doctors took to the streets in Cyber City Gurugram to protest against the Rajasthan government's Right to Health Bill.

"There is a provision in the Right to Health Bill like giving treatment to the patient without charging in an emergency. Due to this, the doctors will not only have to face loss, but the cases of quarrels in the hospital will also increase. The Rajasthan government has not clarified how much and when it will pay the bills of the patients admitted in an emergency. Similarly, there are many such provisions in the Bill which are not in the interest of the doctors," said a protesting doctor.

The protesting doctors have made it clear that until this bill is withdrawn, this protest will continue.

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