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More people adopting preventive healthcare post-Covid, say experts

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | April 07, 2023 09:53 AM

Bengaluru:On the World Health Day, health experts say more people are adopting preventive healthcare post-Covid pandemic.

Dr. Nikhil Mathur, Group Chief of Medical Services, CARE Hospitals Group explained that there has been a considerable focus on curative healthcare over preventive care for decades in India. However, post-Covid, a gradual but visible shift in people's outlook towards preventive healthcare is being witnessed.

This vital preventive health sector is expected to grow further and reach 97 billion dollars by 2025, showing a high inclination of people and healthcare brands towards preventive care, he says.

With the rising prevalence of lifestyle conditions, chronic and non-communicable diseases pertaining to our fast-paced lifestyle and changing environmental conditions, more people are adopting the preventive healthcare approach, says Dr. Mathur.

He further states, "With early detection and the correct diagnosis, quick remedies or treatment is possible, which is not only influential in the outcome but also eliminates further progress of the ailment and can save money in the long run.

"Hence it is highly recommended that after the age of 35 years, both men and women should undergo periodic, full-body health checkups to identify pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and others and take necessary corrective and timely treatment courses."

Dr. Aditya S. Chowti, Senior Consultant - Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru said that preventive healthcare is crucial for ensuring the well-being of the people in the state.

"To promote preventive healthcare in the region, there are several measures that can be taken. Health education and awareness campaigns can be conducted to educate people about healthy eating habits, regular exercise, stress management, and the importance of preventive health check-ups," he said.

"These campaigns can be an effective way to spread awareness and promote healthy living. Immunization is a vital measure for preventing infectious diseases. Although the government has implemented several programmes to increase immunization coverage in the state, there is still a need to educate people about its importance and ensure that everyone has access to vaccines," Dr. Chowti.

"Regular health checkups can aid in the early detection and treatment of diseases. The government can encourage people to undergo regular health checkups by providing incentives such as free or subsidised health checkups," he said.

He said, "Promoting a healthy lifestyle is essential for preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. The government can create public spaces for physical activities, encourage the consumption of healthy food, and raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol consumption."

The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on April 7, and sponsored by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The WHO marks its 75th anniversary on Friday, along with its 194 Member States and other partners, by calling for a renewed drive for health equity.


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