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Myth Busted: Not done in heat of the moment, but with much planning

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | November 20, 2022 06:34 PM

GHAZIABAD: A brutal murder has come to light in Ghaziabad where a woman conspired with her lover to kill her husband. The incident surfaced after four years.

The woman's lover, Arun shot the victim Chandraveer in the head and chopped off one of his hands. He threw the severed hand in a forest to misguide the police into relating it to some other incident.

Both the accused then buried the victim's body in a 6 feet pit dug in the lover's house, which remained undiscovered for 4 years.

Such cases prove the increasing mental distortion in the society, which makes people of all ages capable of committing similar crimes.

The shocking revelation of the incident after years shows that careful thought and planning goes into committing such acts and that they are not a result of sudden anger.

Recently, Ghaziabad's SSP reopened certain unsolved cases and assigned them to different teams.

While working on the case of Chandraveer's disappearance, the Crime Branch team interacted with his daughter who expressed doubts about their neighbour Arun, saying that he made regular visits to their house.

The team detained Arun who confessed during interrogation. The police recovered the remains of the victim's body from Arun's house, which have been sent for a DNA test.

Commenting on the case, the police officers said that Arun dug the pit in his house beforehand.

The murder was a well planned conspiracy, which showed that the accused had vicious intent, the officers added.

Psychiatrist Dr Ruchi Sharma told IANS that these cases involved a different mental state and committing such crimes was premeditated.

She added that people who commit such acts do not let anyone know about all that goes on inside their head and lived in a completely different world created in their mind.

Many a times, the love and support that they receive from others and the insults and disdain received at home acted as a driving force for these crimes including murder, said Sharma.

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