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Now, IndiGo faces criticism over delays from former Union Minister

PUNJAB NEWS LINE | December 04, 2023 11:03 AM

NEW DELHI: Congress MP and former Union Minister Manish Tewar, on Sunday expressed frustration over repeated delays in IndiGo flights

Tewari, who has taken three IndiGo flights in the past week, highlighted the latest incident involving flight 6E2159 from Chandigarh to Delhi, delayed by over 90 minutes on Sunday.

Tewari has also experienced a significant delay of over 2 and a half hours on the 1855 IndiGo 6E flight from Delhi to Chandigarh recently.

"This is the third IndiGo flight that I am taking this week that is delayed by over 90 minutes. This time it is 6E2159 from Chandigarh to Delhi .On an earlier occasion the 1855 IndiGo6E flight from Delhi to Chandigarh was delayed by over 2 and a half hours," Tewari wrote on X.

"The only reason I would take IndiGo was that it used to be on time. Otherwise the service etc best left unsaid," he added.

On November 29, in a social media post that quickly gained traction, comedian Kapil Sharma expressed his frustration over the significant delay of his IndiGo flight 6E 5149.

"Dear @IndiGo6E, first you made us wait in the bus for 50 minz, and now your team is saying the pilot is stuck in traffic, what? Really?" Sharma wrote on X.

"We were supposed to take off by 8 pm, and it’s 9:20; still, there is no pilot in the cockpit. Do you think these 180 passengers will fly IndiGo again? Never #indigo6E5149", he added.


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