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What Lifestyle Do NDA Cadets Follow During Training Period Of 3 Years?

PUNJAB NEWSLINE | December 30, 2020 03:18 PM

NDA exam is a perfect choice for aspirants who do not want to go with a regular or sitting job. Do you want to attend the NDA Exam? If your answer is yes, then you need to grab some basic but important information related to this job.

First, you need to check if it goes with eligibility criteria set by the Union Public Service Commission. Only unmarried male aspirants holding class 12th schooling can attend this exam. If you want to crack NDA, then you may go for having NDA Online Coaching from experts. Make sure that you choose the right institute since it is all about money, efforts, time, and career too.

Here, it needs to mention that NDA is indeed regarded as the Joint Services academy of the IAF (Indian Armed Force). Do you know why it is called a Joint Services Academy? It is because cadets coming from all three prominent services including the Army, the Navy, and Air Force are trained together. Once they are done with the training that they are eligible to go for advanced training.

There is a misconception that NDA cadets do not get a stipend while being trained but there is nothing like that. During the training period, a stipend of INR 21K is offered which is quite ideal. Every year several applicants apply so that they can make their dream of serving the nation. A handsome UPSC NDA Salary is offered once a cadet's training period is done and they kick off their career as a lieutenant. Salary depends on the post.

Let Us Understand The Lifestyle Of NDA Cadets:-

If you think that NDA cadet life is so fascinating then you must understand that it is difficult as well. However, you might enjoy all the strictness and toughness of this job profile if you are truly passionate to have a tag of NDA Cadet. Here, we are going to focus on what lifestyle candidates go with. Let’s understand -

  • Morning Starts With Taking Part Into Drill and PT To Stay Physically Fit –

You have to perform the physical exercise as well as a grueling drill. Apart from this, you have to do PT between 4 A.M. too 6 A.M. too. Once you accomplish these entire daily tasks, only then you are allowed to enter into the squadron. If you are going to apply for this exam then you need to be mentally and physically fit.


  • Going For Freshen Up and Having Breakfast –

Then you need to go to get fresh up and have your breakfast. You need to have healthy food to keep your body in shape and have enhanced stamina. Time is everything here.

  • Attending Class To Enhance Knowledge –

After having your morning routine done and breakfast, you will be needed to go for taking up your class. Here, it needs to mention that discipline is everything. You cannot be late for your classes or any other job duty at all. Seniors are quite strict concerning punctuality and time.

  • Having Lunch Break –

And your classes will be done by 2 PM. Candidates will be having a 45 minutes lunch break. Then cadets need to go with PT classes or if there is any sports discipline as per interest. During lunch, you can also interact with other cadets to understand more about new and different things since everyone is coming from a different place.

  • To Develop An Incredible Spirit-

The time between 3 pm to 6 pm is dedicated to infusing cadets with a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.  Everything is full of fun and excitement if you love to be called an NDA Cadet.

  • To Do Study –

You have to go with a very disciplined life here. That is why the study is also not ignored. Cadets will be having study time between 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

  • Dinner Time & PT/Games–

Once you are done with your study, then cadets need to be at the dinner table. Dinner will be of 1 hour and a half and is dedicated to PT/games.

  • Light Goes Off at 10.15 –

At 10.15 pm, the light will be turned off and cadets are allowed to go for sleeping. Healthy sleep is needed so that the same cycle can be repeated the next day.

Training Period -

NDA turns a raw kid into a brave officer irrespective of the background. They are trained to be physically, mentally, and morally awake. NDA is the only institute dedicated to training cadets right after schooling.

The training will be for 3 years and cadets have to repeat this daily. But you will truly enjoy the entire training period if you are passionate about your job. The best thing is that you will get to learn so many things that you might not have experienced till now. This line is perfect if you have always wanted to do something different and have never been interested in a regular job.

In The Last –

Hope the shared information took your interest regarding the NDA cadet exam to the next level. So, what are you contemplating now? Get into the preparation and crack this exam to turn into an NDA Cadet. We would like to send best wishes for your exam preparation. Do believe in your hard work and passion.

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